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Vibration Testing



Vibration Table Hole Pattern
(For Fixturing Use)


Test Capabilities include discrete three-axis testing for sinusoidal, random, sine-on-random, classical shock, shock response spectrum (SRS) and combined environment (temp and vibe).

Test Specification capabilities Include:
MIL-STD-810, RCTA/DO-160, SAE and IEC Specs.

We are A2LA Acoustics and Vibration Accredited.


Shaker System Mfr:

Unholtz Dickie


Data Physics, Signal Star

Data Channels:

11 Control and Response

Frequency Range:

5 - 3,000 Hz

Max Input Force:

15,000 lb. Peak, Sine
11,000 lb. RMS Random


1.00 in. Peak-to-Peak

Max Acceleration:

150G (Ffree Table)

Max Velocity:

68 in/sec

Table Size:

36x36 in., Horizontal
38 x38 in., Vertical