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Temperature & Humidity Testing


Temperature & Humidity Testing
Hot or cold, dry or humid, we can do it all!
Our Cincinnati Sub-Zero combined temp-humidity chamber is a versatile workhorse with dual cascade refrigeration compressors and can be combined with either liquid nitrogen for fast ESS temperature transitions or dry nitrogen purge for an extremely wide range of humidity environments.
Our second Cincinnati chamber is an air-cooled smaller version of our main chamber. This chamber will regulate temperature and humidity. It also has the ability to purge nitrogren gas for extremely dry environments.

This chamber is ideal to meet your MIL-STD, RTCA DO-160, ASTM, JEDEC, Telcordia and other test needs.


Cincinnati Sub-Zero


Watlow F-$ w/ RS-232

Interior Size:

38 x 38 x 38 in
(32 Cubic-foot Volume)

Upper Temp Limit:

190°C (375°F)

Lower Temp Limit:

-73°C (-100°F)

Temperature Range:

-60°C to 150°C

Thermal Transition:

Heating: 20°C/Minute
Cooling: >5°C/Minute
(LN2 Augmentation Avail)

Humidity Range:

Normal Range: 10-98% RH
Dry-Nitrogen Purge Available for Extended Range.