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Altitude & Vacuum Testing


Vacuum Testing
For flight environment and high altitude environment simulation, the Tek-Vac chamber provides low-pressure test environments equivalent to 175,000ft MSL. Chamber has a 6-inch window port, 2 4.5-inch window/accessory ports, and 2 electrical pass-thru ports including 120v AC capability and a sealed 50-pin D-sub electrical interface. The chamber is also outfitted with a thermal plate for combined environment testing.
Systima Technologies Offers:
  • Altitude Testing
  • Rapid Decompression
  • Overpressure Testing



Interior Size:

30 x 30 x 36 in.

Upper Altitude Limit:

>175,000 ft.

Lower Pressure Limit:


Electrical Interface:

50-pin D-Sub Pass Thru
High Voltage Power
Various Other Interfaces