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Data & Reports

Data Acquisition

Dataq Instruments
Systima owns several Dataq chassis. With these we can take up to 100,000 samples per second.
National Instruments
We use Labview to control and record most of the testing completed here at Systima Technologies. We have a full labview development system to create the appropriate program for every situation.
Microstar Labs
With the Microstar system, we can take up to 153,600 samples per second, per channel. This is best used for shock and pyrotechnics.

Highspeed Video

Our high speed video recording services are great for viewing drops, shocks, or explosions. We can capture up to 40,000 frames per second with our new Phantom High Speed Camera. With high speed, you can also measure the displacement of objects or test articles. Our high speed video services can be completed on-site at Systima, or offsite at your preferred location. Call today to schedule our camera services!


With our Data Acquisition Services we can measure things such as:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Voltage
  • Acceleration
  • Frequency
  • Process Current
  • Events/Counts
  • And More
Our services can be used here at Systima Technologies, or we can do offsite data acquisition with our portable systems if preferred. Call today to schedule our Data Acquisition Services!


When testing at Systima Technologies, you can choose whether you would prefer to receive a complete test report, or only the test data set.
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Complete Test Report
Test Data Set